viernes, 12 de noviembre de 2010

Welcome to YEAR 2 students. ENGLISH

Hi, everyone!
I have created this blog to make all of us be heard throughout these lines. Do not hesitate to introduce your comments here whenever you have anything interesting to say. You can suggest films to see, books to read, nice places you have been to, as far as you justify your choice and write a few words about it. Apart from that, I would like you to share your feelings at school taking into consideration you must respect everyone else.

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  1. ok I think is so interesting I would write every time I can
    last year we wrote a lot =)

  2. Activity 1
    At the moment, I'm reading a book by Ana Alonso and Javier Pelegrín. It's called "El Viaje de Zoe" (Zoe's trip). It belongs to a series called "La Llave del Tiempo" (The Key of Time). It's the 8th book. It's a sci-fi story. In the year 2121, four children with the capacity of not becoming ill are got together by a corporation called Dedalo, one of the nine multinationals that controls the world. In exchange for their help to produce vaccines, Dedalo offers them a great future in a heavenly island. However, behind its generosity hides a dark purpose. The four children, determined to unmask it, escape from the island with a valuable object, the key of time, which will help them discover the mystery of their own origin.

  3. (Activity 1)
    Hi everyone!!!
    First I am going to tell that I have already finished a book called "Perfección". The author of the book is Scott Westerfeld. The book is the second book of the series and it is about the future in which pollution has been stopped. In the future, everyone wants to be perfect and to have a perfect face,body,senses...
    So every teenager has got an especial ring which the one they can design a perfect face and so when they are 16 years they go on a physical operation which makes them perfect. However, the operation causes damages in the brain so Tally ( the main character ) wants to find a cure with his friends and meets people who are against the operation and people who manage the world and cities.
    I can't find the third book in the shops but I got another one, "Cazadores de Sombras ", for X-mas so that's what I am reading at the moment.
    It is about vampires and people with " special abilities" which protect the world against evil creatures and persons.
    Some of the caharacters are Theressa and Nathaniel Gray , William Herondale ...
    The story develpos in London, in the Victorian times(like Lottie!)and Theressa,the main character, has the ability to change into other persons.The book is at the same time a love story and this one, "Ángel Mecánico", is the first book of the serie.
    By the way, I nearly forget to tell you the author: Cassandra Clare.

  4. Activity 1
    This is the first time that I participate in the blog.
    I'm saying you that I’m reading an interesting book. It's called the Middle Ages. It is a book collection of the World Picture editorial Fleurus, Paris.
    The book tells in a clear, attractive and entertaining way of life in the Middle Ages. It has many illustrative drawings on each of the topics. It helps you better understand this period of ten centuries of history.
    It covers varied topics:
    - What is the Middle Ages?
    - Economic life.
    - Daily life.
    - Social classes.
    - Military and religious life.
    - Art and culture ...
    This collection has many topics and very varied, maybe you'd like to read some ...

  5. Activity 1
    Well I am reading a book called "Tengo Ganas de Ti"(I have desire of you) is the second part of the book "3 Metros Sobre el Cielo" (Three meters on the sky). The author of these two books is called Federico Moccia.
    First of reed the book I saw the film two times I enjoy a lot is really romantic and at the end a bit sad, I cry a lot, the three times, also when I reed the book. The first book "three meters on the sky" talk abaut two diferents lifes, the life of a very good girl that study, obbey his mum and dad... and the life of a boy that alway travel in motor bike, most of the time he stay in the street of the cities,he had a lot of fight...Then Baby (the girl) and Hugo-hache (the boy) fell in love.
    When you ends the book you plough the question: I will finish in this place where the love resides ... to three meters on the sky?
    I recomend to all people that dream with the perfect love =)

  6. Activity1
    Hi everybody!
    I have read "El campo de fresas".l don't know who is its author because a friend has it.This book is really interesting.The protagonist is a girl who took drugs and was in coma.All her friends were helped her but finally she survive.It was very interesting:)

  7. Activity 1
    I have read a book called "Rebeldes". It's a very interesting book. It's about two rival street bands: "Greasers" and "Socs". Greasers were poor, they wear dirty clothes and long hairs. They were very rude and corageous, while Socs were rich, and they wear clean clothes. They were also very rude. They have mustangs, and they despise Greaser because they were poor. They made assalt to greasers when they saw them with their mustangs. This book made me to learn about the life of marginated boys, whose parents don't mind about them. The end of the book is sad, but I really liked the book.

    The authores is Susan Eloise Hinton